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To see and be seen, to move and be moved

As human beings we all deeply long to be truly seen and accepted by others - the way we really are. Yet, we often struggle with the paradox between the *need to be authentic* and the *need to belong*, to be accepted. Let’s be honest, imagining someone truly seeing our true self can be very scary. Being seen means being vulnerable. Sometimes due to this life-long struggle we even might no longer know who we are. Living in a projection of what we ought to be or want to be can be disorienting and removes us from the direct experience of what is. The fear of judgement leads to judging others and projections continue. We invite you to step beyond them through practising Authentic Movement.

AUTHENTIC MOVEMENT is an embodied awareness practice that helps to cultivate the compassionate presence of the Inner Witness. It supports the emergence of our intuitive body wisdom and creative potential. The form is very simple. It involves a mover and a witness. The mover is invited to move with their eyes closed, following their inner impulses. The witness provides a safe presence, maintains an awareness of the mover's bodily expression as well as their own embodied experience. After moving we may draw, write and/or share our experience in non-judgmental language, owning our projections or interpretations.


🤍are on the path of inner discovery and self-awareness,

🤍are looking for the way to authenticity and compassion,

🤍want to tap into intuitive body wisdom and sense of worth,

🤍seek to be with another in a supportive, safe, and nourishing way,

🤍search for creative inspiration,

🤍long to be seen and see another clearly.

This workshop is the invitation to study the art of witnessing and cultivate the embodied witness consciousness.

No previous experience or particular skills required, just an open and receptive space inside us to welcome what is present.

DATE AND TIME: Oct 22 (Saturday), from 10:00 to 17:00 (lunch break 13:00 - 15:00), Oct 23 (Sunday), from 10:00 to 13:00.

LOCATION: La Casa del Corpo Lagos (Beco da Horta 4, Lagos, Portugal)

BOOKING: WhatsApp 928125386, FB/IG @somaticbliss, web:

INVESTMENT: 65 Eur (lunch not included)


JURGA BLISS is a somatic therapist, Certified Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy (IBMT) practitioner based in Lagos and works with clients in person and online. Jurga has studied Authentic Movement Discipline with the teacher Cornelia Schmitz (Germany) as an integral part of her 500h IBMT training and includes Authentic Movement in her personal and therapeutic practice. Jurga also leads Nervous system support classes every last Tuesday of the month at La Casa del Corpo Lagos.

More information at

INGRIDA DANYTE is a somatic therapist and educator, IBMT Diploma holder, the Study Programme Coordinator of the Institute for Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy in Vilnius, Lithuania branch ( Ingrida specialises in working with children and adolescents, including children having special needs.

Ingrida began her study of the Discipline of Authentic Movement in 2017 with Cornelia Schmitz as her teacher and still continues it to this day. From the very beginning she recognized this practice as her home. Personal meetings with Janet Adler and Paula Sager deeply support her commitment.

Ingrida is a guest speaker at the workshop and is based in Lithuania.

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