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Unlock Your Potential: A 3-Week Archetypal Journey of Self-Discovery

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

Are you curious to explore the origins of your behavioural tendencies, gain new insights into your patterns and discover alternative pathways towards resolution when facing struggles of everyday life?

If it's a "YES!" this series of workshops is for you!

Meet your inner Magician, Victim, Rebel and Warrior and delve deeper into the realm of archetypes and the psyche.

Join us on 3 Saturdays of March for a series of somatic workshops around 4 main archetypes, based on Stanislav Grof's Basic Perinatal Matrices(BPMs), which are believed to underlie the human psyche and provide insight into the origins of archetypal behaviours. Through embodied explorations, systemic constellations and group discussions, participants will gain an experiential understanding of the role that perinatal experiences play in shaping personality, behaviour, and emotional states and open the doors to cooperation with these parts of self.

HOW: Register on FB/IG @somaticbliss / WhatsApp 928125386 for the full 3 week programme or participate in week 1/ week 2 separately.

NB: week 3 is only available for those who participated in week 1 and/or 2.

WHEN: Saturdays 10 - 17h on 4, 11 and 18 March 2023

WHERE: La Casa del Corpo Lagos, R. Beco da Horta 4, Lagos, Portugal

INVESTMENT: 65€ per workshop or 165€ for the whole programme

CERTIFICATE : Participants having attended all 3 workshops will get a participation certificate.

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to expand your understanding of the human psyche and it's potential. More info:

Register today!


JURGA BLISS is a somatic therapist, Certified Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy (IBMT) practitioner based in Lagos and works with clients in person and online.

INGRIDA DANYTE is a somatic therapist and educator, IBMT Diploma holder, the Study Programme Coordinator of the Institute for Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy in Vilnius, Lithuania branch ( Ingrida specialises in working with children and adolescents, including children having special needs.

More information at

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