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About me

Jurga Bliss

Somatic therapist, Dip IBMT

My goal when working with you is to create a compassionate and safe space for you to explore your personal path  towards embodiment, healing and wholeness. I trust in the inner wisdom of the body and it's ability to hold, protect and nurture us in ways it knows best. I am passionate about Somatic Psychology and believe that through entering a respectful and compassionate dialogue with our living body, our soma, we can find that, what skillfully guides us if we listen.

Clients approach me when looking for personal growth and ways to find inner resources, more balanced and wholesome coping mechanisms, regulating their nervous system and emotions, transformation and re-patterning. I often work with clients facing hardships in stress management, looking into inner family work (subpersonalities), dealing with  attachment struggles, boundaries and other  relationship issues (family, partnerships, including LGBTQ+, ENM/polyam and other non-normative relationship structures), experiencing psychosomatic symptoms, autoimmune processes, having concerns in regards to sexuality, struggles of life abroad, in multicultural environments and etc.

I live in Southern Portugal and work both online and in person. Apart from working with individual clients, I facilitate Nervous System Support, Authentic Movement and Somatic Movement exploration groups.

I have multicultural experience, and am a mother of four children, three of whom are already adults.

As a somatic therapist I apply the Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy (IBMT) approach and methods in my work. My clients also benefit from the framework of the Polyvagal theory and integration of Systemic Constellation methods.

The IBMT approach is based on and integrates principles from three core areas of practice and theory: The Discipline of Authentic Movement; Body-Mind Centering® and Somatic Psychology. Read more at

I apply a bottom-up process and invite verbal dialogue, movement, associations, imagery, sounding and intuitive touch (bodywork) as necessary, in attunement with your specific needs and following your pace and progress.

Education and Experience

Professional Background

Somatic therapy practitioner

Holistic Bodyworker

2016 - now

Private practice. Individual somatic therapy sessions online and F2F. 

Holistic Pulsing sessions.

Facilitating somatic movement  and meditation groups.

HRM Consultant

Project Manager

2000 - 2013

Working as a Project Manager and Human Resources Management Consultant in business consulting and market research industries.

Education and professional development

2017 - 2020

1998 - 2003





Somatic Trauma Therapy

Peer-to-peer learning program, Lithuania


Somatic Resourcing. Body Presence, Movement Resourcing.

Jane Okondo  private practice 


Tibetan medicine and Western medicine approach. Digestive system.
International Academy for Traditional Tibetan Medicine, Vilnius, Lithuania


Introduction to Psychology.

University of Toronto, online course



Holistic pulsing and bodywork.

“Zinija” Society, Vilnius, Lithuania

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