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Movement & Meditation Groups

"I'm sharing with you my studies, not the truth.  I throw the seeds, you grow the plants."

Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

Nervous system support



Polyvagal Theory and Somatic Movement

based exercise program

In these guided individual and/ or group sessions we explore practical somatic tools to support the health of our nervous system and promote self-regulation. 



(in English)

Duration of the practice: 90 mins

Investment per session: 17 Eur

Location: La Casa del Corpo Lagos

Month subscription (1 class once a month, on Thursdays 19.00-20.30):

Early bird price till the end of Sept - 39 Eur/ from October 1: 43 Eur

Upcoming dates 2023: 12 Oct, 16 Nov, 7 Dec 

Time of practice: 19.00 - 20.30h
More information


(in Lithuanian)

Every Wednesday 17.30 -18.20 UTC/GMT+1 (19.30 - 20.20 UTC/GMT +3) on Zoom



Duration of the practice: 30-90 mins

Investment per session: 25-45 Eur

Available online

Somatic meditation



Guided meditation practice

Somatic meditation is a way to deeply meet yourself through the senses, body feelings, organically occurring images, breathing and intuitive movement.

In this guided meditation practice, we connect and explore our direct experience of the living body, our soma.

No previous meditation experience required.

Duration of the practice: 20 mins

(N.B. group sessions are not available at the moment, contact me for individual sessions)

Practice descriptions

Movement & Meditation groups

Nervous system support


The simple yet effective exercises that we practice during our 30 - 90 min sessions are integrating various Polyvagal Theory based exercises (offered by S. Rosenberg, D. Dana and others) with Experiential Anatomy and Basic Neurocellular Patterns - Developmental Movement (B.B. Cohen) practices.

The goal of the program is to enable you to develop new habits for  self-regulation and develop the ability to connect with the embodied reality of your nervous system so that you can apply these new skills in your everyday life.

Sessions are available online as an individual practice with me or in a small group setting in Lagos, Portugal (contact me regarding the times and availability).

Somatic meditation


In this meditation practice you are fully in charge of your process. I only accompany you by offering the direction of journeying within your body, inviting awareness into your body tissues and inner processes. However, it is only an invitation and it is completely up to you to choose at what speed and how to travel.

Here the messages coming from conscious presence in the body are met with respect and a strong belief that only you know best what you need most right now.  Together we create a safe space for you to hear yourself.

Sessions are weekly and donation based. We have a private Facebook group where members are welcome to share their process and experience. 

Please contact me regarding the times and availability.

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