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Our Business Services

Bliss Consulting Solutions LLC was established in 2023 in order to support businesses alongside the individuals. Integrating over 10 years of experience in the Business Management Consulting and Market Research industries with extensive knowledge of project management and software development processes, I am offering specialized consulting services tailored to both personal and business development needs. The comprehensive range of offerings now encompasses IT consulting solutions alongside professional services aimed at fostering well-being, nurturing personal growth, and driving organizational success.

Bliss Consulting Solutions LLC prides itself on delivering unique service portfolios designed to cater to the diverse needs of our valued clients. Whether you're seeking guidance to enhance your personal journey or that of your employees or seeking innovative solutions to propel your business forward, we're here to support you every step of the way.

Personal coaching

There is no successful business without successful individuals behind it. Personal coaching services offer a blend of somatic and psychological insights, fostering emotional regulation, personal growth, and the development of healthy coping mechanisms for fostering best conditions to success in personal and professional life. 

While providing personal coaching I integrate the knowledge and experience of working in B2B industries with mastery of Polyvagal Theory informed somatic tools in order to harness the body's innate wisdom for wellbeing.

 IT Consulting Services

Our IT Consulting Services encompass tailor made solutions to meet your business needs. We can support you all the way through Requirements Specification & Analysis, Project Management, Team Management, and Quality Assurance & Testing. These services are aimed at delivering in-depth, client-specific IT solutions, from the initial conception of a project through to its successful completion. By offering comprehensive oversight, meticulous analysis, effective team leadership, and rigorous quality checks, we ensure that each IT project achieves its objectives, within scope and on time, meeting all specified quality standards.

Elevating Enterprises and Empowering Individuals: Uniting Somatic Wisdom with Business knowledge and specialised IT Consulting Solutions for Holistic Success
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Pricing: please contact us at for detailed pricing and information
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