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Pay It Forward - Community Service

Become a sponsor or request 12 free of charge somatic therapy sessions

As a form of giving back to the community in these difficult times I offer a package of 12 online sessions (3 months) free of charge for motivated clients who are not able to afford therapy at the moment. I am dedicating 2 hours of my time weekly to pro bono work.

Become a Sponsor: If you, like myself, believe that everyone should have access to therapy and you have means to offer support to others, who are lacking today, you can become a sponsor to make more slots available for people in need and pay all or part of the fees for their 3 month therapy sessions package at a discounted rate of 25Eur per session. 

Ask for sponsorship*: If you think somatic therapy could be helpful for you but you do not have funds to pay for therapy or cannot cover the full price and need a discounted rate at the moment, please apply for the Pay It Forward sponsorship.*

This is a trust based service. Both the sponsors and the clients remain anonymous.

If you would like to become a sponsor or ask for sponsorship, please write an email to

*subject to availability

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